Focusing year long programme 2020

Focusing Foundation Skills Course & Focusing Community Experience

Focusing for Presence & Compassionate Action


Travel Lighter with Trauma through Focusing Year Residential Course Galway Ireland 2020

A comprehensive introduction to Focusing
BFA Certificated

This course comprises of 4 long weekends at An Tionol, Creative & Compassionate Living Centre, Gort, Co Galway, Ireland. Venue easily accessible from UK with cheap flights to Shannon airport & then 1 hour away.

What do you do when you want to let go of something in you, but it is not ready to let go of you!?
How wonderful would it be if you yourself were your own best resource tapping into your body wisdom? Travel Lighter.

What is Focusing?
It is a way of ‘coming home’ to yourself – a means of radical acceptance of anything inviting a sense of ease, flow and freedom. It is an exquisitely sensitive way of listening to or sensing what our (inner) world is telling us, often in the form of subtle feelings/sensations, in a way that is safe and gentle. It offers a creative and quietly profound way of being even with what we find most difficult and challenging. In focusing we are often pleasantly surprised by fresh or new spaces emerging, even from ‘impossibly stuck’ places. It is, in my experience a deeply satisfying process allowing my heart and soul space to breathe and be itself, to find its own sense of rightness.


Overview year-long Focusing Foundation Course
[This is a 4 long-weekend Module Learning and Community Experience]

• A comprehensive introduction to focusing
• Focusing alive in Community
• Allow you to engage in focusing partnerships and focus alone
• Make connections and enjoy a rich sense of community
• Enjoy the luxurious experience of nature and nurture at An Tionol

This course of 4 Weekend Modules will explore the following to

• Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process
• Develop empathic and sensitive listening
• Learn to sense and befriend your body in a new and empowered way
• Live life from the unfolding fresh moment
• Compassionately respond to your inner judge
• Develop a grounded and balanced sense of yourself

What can you expect in any one Weekend Module
• Connect more deeply with self and others as you interact and explore focusing
• Do exercises, demonstrations and receive instructions
• Break out groups for focusing sessions with other participants
• Connect with individuals and the whole group
• Reading and Focusing sessions between weekend modules

The 4 Weekend Modules;

Module 1: PRESENCE – First Steps on your Focusing Journey
Date: Thursday 26th ( 6pm) to Sunday 29th (3 pm) March 2020

Module 2: ATTUNEMENT – Focusing and journeying deeper to travel lighter
Date: Thur 18th (6pm) – Sunday 21tst June (3pm) 2020

Module 3: RESONANCE – Focusing and the joy of the senses
Date: Thurs Sept 24th (6pm) – Sunday 27th (3pm) 2020

Module 4: TRUST – Focusing and Going solo – working with complex edges
Date: Thurs Dec 3rd  (6pm) – Sunday Dec 6th (3pm) 2020 Short Video how to move with and through stuck patterns in to the fresh edge of Being

What is Focusing short intro and Healing Attunement

Venue-An Tionól Cottage
Centre for Creative and compassionate living.
This is an intimate setting with only 12 places. The bookings are on a first come first served bases.

General Information
You will be invited to do focusing with a focusing companion during the modules and continue in the times between the courses.


Personal Profiles:

Simon McKibbin aka Sinhaketu and Marta Fabregat

About the Trainer; Simon McKibbin aka Sinhaketu
I believe focusing learning should be fun with a strong element of community and sharing. I am a certified BFA Focusing practitioner and also a certified trainer in the fields of Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication (NVC), with 30 years of personal practise. Combining elements of NVC and Mindfulness into the program adds a richness and depth allowing for a deeper facilitating of the Focusing experience. I am currently engaged in teaching Focusing based Mindfulness at Cambridge University.

More on Simon and one to one

About the Host and Co Facilitator: Marta
Marta trained as a social and conflict resolution mediator,  community development and facilitator, NVC and Focusing Practitioner especial interest in focusing in nature, Forest connection and sacred plant healing, Marta’s experience in the art of hosting, holding space and healing in nature gives this course an exciting blend of elements to accompany the NVC process as a community and self healing adventure.

An Tionól Cottage´s natural environment, with the strong presence of an Irish oak forest and its respectful approach to learning, is the vessel that holds us together in any open circle. It is our intention to continue opening space for new, fresh ways of communicating, connecting and being in the world.

One fee for all four modules of the Year Training.
The fee includes;
Materials, including handouts
Vegetarian food

We offer a sliding scale, to make it more accessible depending on your financial means:

Benefits or low-waged: Euro 1,700
Moderately comfortable: Euro 2000

A non refundable deposit of 30% is payable prior to the course module 1 attendance (i.e. 600 euro or 510 euro). Your place is secure after this booking payment.

A choice of 4 equal payments (one payment per module) is then an option or full payment up front.


Marta Fabregat +353 872031764 –
Simon McKibbin + 44 7974817393

How to apply: Complete the booking form we will send you by email on interest.