Our Philosophy

Green Spiral Learning Approach

Here at Green Spiral we see learning as an innate capacity in all humans, and to be given the freedom to truly learn is to experience wholeness and joy.

We see learning as a genetic compulsion towards growth, transformation and healing. The leaves and stem of a plant reach for the light and its roots drive deep into the soil to make best use of all the available nutrients. Flowers blossom and bear fruit at exactly the right moment in the life of the plant. There may be withering back in Autumn, followed by regeneration in the springtime. All of this comes from within. The respectful gardener provides water and food, perhaps clears a path for the sunlight, and then steps back to observe in wonder. No one tells a plant when and how to grow.

At Green Spiral we are gardeners, not teachers. We have become skilled in creating rich environments where transformation can occur in individuals of all ages, in families and in all sorts of group settings. Interaction with nature, free artistic expression, immersion in a second language and mind/body practices are important vehicles that can transport us towards personal and group development, but they are not the end in themselves. That learning is yours alone.

Welcome to our garden.

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